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Here’s what People are Saying About our Courses

Basic and Advanced Chronological Study of the Holy Bible

It has opened my eyes and heart to the true meaning of the gospels. I will be able to change my life around with the knowledge I have gained.
Dee, North Carolina
I had no idea how much I didn’t know about the very basics. Thank you. I look forward to learning more.
Ron, Canada

I love this Bible study because it is teaching me who God is and what I need to do (believe/trust and obey) in order to be in close relationship with Him. I am much encouraged and excited by it.
Martha, Massachusetts
I really felt there were things in my life I need to look at, I need to repent of and witness more than I do. The eyes of my heart are opening.
Wanda, Washington

Advanced Study on Christian Worship for Pleasing God

This study was very informative with its complete explanation of what it means to take the Lord’s name in vain. Without this study, I would have never fully understood the magnitude, or the great weight of this commandment.
Angela, Florida
The adornment part [impacted me the most]. I have a strong urge to cover my head now because we used to wear a head covering at a Catholic church I went to when I was little.
Veronica, Louisiana

That many people think they can worship any way they please and believe they will receive eternal life. I need to find a good Bible believing church again. I also need to keep my focus on the true way to worship and not to follow the crowd.
Robert, Pennsylvania
What impacted me the most is how out of touch we are. I will indeed learn of Gods ways and worship Him with an open heart and mind.
Marie, Kansas

Advanced Study on Spiritual Gifts to Cause Christian Church Growth

What impacted me the most is the listing of the gifts and how tongues is last on the list. I will be seeking the greater gifts.
Daniel, Pennsylvania
The Lessons are delightful, I printed some of the lessons and took them to my Sunday School Class, now everybody in class said they were signing up for the class.
LaVerne, Chicago

I’ve learned more about the different gifts and how they work in the church. This will help me change my way of teaching about the different gifts. Your lesson really has helped me in my study in God’s word. Thanks a lot.
Joe, Georgia
I was not aware of what the gifts really were and I thought that the gift of tongues was the greatest gift.
Pauline, Jamaica