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Free Bible Study for Beginners
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Welcome to FreeBibleStudy.org, your home for absolutely FREE Bible Study and Christian leadership resources for individuals, families, and groups. Whether you are an advanced student of the Bible, a Bible teacher, or new to following in Christ’s footsteps, we have insightful studies to support your Christian walk.

Featured Study: The Basic and Advanced Chronological Study of the Holy Bible

Do you wish to make sense of the whole Bible, both the Old and New Testaments? Do you want to complete a comprehensive, orderly, and accelerated study of the Holy Bible? If so, then this study is for you. The Basic and Advanced Chronological Study of the Holy Bible is the perfect place to start in your own study or if you’re leading a group.

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5 in 1 bible studies

This course is five Bible studies in one. It includes:

  1. Introduction to the Bible for Believers and Skeptics and Test
  2. The Bible Study on the Old Testament and Test
  3. The Bible Study on the Messiah and Test
  4. The Bible Study on Salvation Part 1 and Test
  5. The Bible Study on Salvation Part 2 and Test

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This course is awesome. It takes you to new levels with the Lord. I just cannot tell you what it has done for my faith & walk with God. It is absolutely wonderful.
Tammy, USA
I am very impressed by this study and am really glad the Lord has opened my heart for instruction. I pray this thirst for his word will never depart my heart as my journey continues with him.
Laurie, Tennessee

Why Choose Our Free Bible Study Resources?

Jesus said: “Where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” (Matthew 18:20). This passage guides our purpose, which is to provide FREE resources to our brothers and sisters in Christ, removing barriers-such as high study material costs-from Christian fellowship and education.

Many who take or teach our courses believe at the start that they know a lot about the Bible and its application in their lives. However, they quickly find that they still have much to learn and are not on the right track in their walk with Jesus. Our courses provide the answers that help the faithful, as well as new Christians, gain better focus on what the scriptures truly have to say.

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A Word from Pat, an Evangelist


Many of my students and visitors to this website are surprised to learn that I grew up without God. But, in my early twenties, after I graduated from college, I became disappointed with all of the trouble and difficulties that an unbelieving lifestyle was causing me and my friends. So, I called out to God for help.

At the same time, God worked to have my mother put a pocket New Testament in my luggage. This angered me, but she said my name was in it, and that I must have got it at a Vacation Bible School. This satisfied me, for I remember attending a brief one during a certain summer, and on the inside back cover I saw my name: Patrick.

I began reading this little red New Testament, and as I read about Christ, and also the Proverbs—for the book of Proverbs and Psalms were at the beginning of this N.T.—I started to realize what an unholy young man I had been in the past. I wished I would have known about these wise truths in Proverbs and the gospel when I was young. In the gospel, I discovered that Christ was a valiant man, and so I immediately attached myself to Him, and began to vigorously defend Him, even among my ungodly friends. I also began to defend Him publicly.

Along the way, by God’s choosing, He had begun to purge me of my sins, help me become an evangelist, husband, homeschooling father, publisher, and more. I owe all of my success to God.

I continue to share my relationship with Christ with others so that they may know Him, too. That is the mission of my ministry at FreeBibleStudy.org.