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1. [Gen. 1:1] In the beginning...(A) earth existed, (B) God created the heavens and the earth, (C) the world evolved. 

2. [Gen. 1:3] God said, 'Let there be light;' and...(A) stars shined, (B) the sun gave light first, (C) there was light. 

3. [Gen 1:26] God created man in...(A) animal image, (B) His own image, (C) ape image. 

4. [Gen. 2:20] And the man...(A) could not speak, (B) needed to learn to speak, (C) gave names to all the cattle. 

5. [Gen. 2:22] God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the...(A) man, (B) animal, (C) fish. 

6. [Gen. 2:2] By the seventh day God...(A) began to create, (B) needed to create more, (C) completed His work. 

7. [Gen. 2:17] In the day that you eat from it you shall...(A) die, (B) live forever, (C) not die. 

8. [Gen. 3:7] The eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were...(A) naked, (B) like God, (C) evil. 

9. [Gen. 3:14] Because you [serpent] have done this,...(A) blessed are you, (B) I praise you, (C) cursed are you. 

10. [Gen. 3:16] I will greatly multiply your...(A) pain in childbirth, (B) family, (C) honor. 

11. [Gen. 3:17] Because you have listened to...your wife, and...eaten...cursed is the ground because of...(A) her, (B) you, (C) the Devil. 

12. [Gen. 4:4, 5] The LORD had regard for Abel and his offering; but for Cain...He had...(A) no regard, (B) respect, (C) more regard. 

13. [Gen. 6:5] The LORD saw that the wickedness of man was...(A) insignificant, (B) great, (C) tolerable. 

14. [Gen. 7:1] You alone I have seen to be...(A) righteous, (B) wicked, (C) deceptive. 

15. [Gen. 9:12, 13] This is the sign of the covenant...My...(A) bow in the cloud, (B) face toward you, (C) Son. 

16. [Gen. 12:7] To your descendants I will give...(A) honor, (B) riches, (C) this land. 

17. [Gen. 15:6] He [Abram] believed in the LORD; and He reckoned it to him as...(A) righteous, (B) foolish, (C) a debt. 

18. [Gen. 15:13] Your [Abraham] descendents...will be enslaved...(A) four hundred years, (B) six hundred years, (C) two thousand years. 

19. [Gen. 17:10] This is My covenant...between Me and you [Abraham]...every male...shall be...(A) circumcised, (B) a priest, (C) enlisted. 

20. [Gen. 17:19] No, but Sarah your wife shall bear a son, and you shall call his name...(A) Isaac, (B) Jacob, (C) Israel. 

21. [Gen. 18:19] I have chosen him [Abraham], in order that he may...(A) go, (B) fight, (C) command his children. 

22. [Gen. 19:24] The LORD rained on Sodom and Gomorrah...(A) a gentle rain, (B) brimstone and fire, (C) manna. 

23. [Gen. 22:1] God...(A)tested Abraham, (B) made Abraham's life easy, (C) punished Abraham. 

24. [Gen. 22:12] Do nothing to him [Isaac]; for now I know that you...(A) fear God, (B) despise God, (C) are evil. 

25. [Gen. 32:28] Your name shall no longer be Jacob, but...(A) Israel, (B) Isaac, (C) Joseph.

26. [Gen. 41:41] Pharaoh said to Joseph, 'See I have set you over all the...(A) land of Egypt,' (B) slaves,' (C) prisoners.' 

27. [Ex. 1:13] The Egyptians compelled the sons of Israel to...(A) labor rigorously, (B) fight, (C) leave. 

28. [Ex. 3:20] I will...strike Egypt with all My miracles...and after that he will...(A) believe, (B) let you go, (C) kill you. 

29. [Ex. 12:13] The blood shall be a sign...when I see the blood I will...(A) rejoice, (B) kill them, (C) pass over you. 

30. [Ex. 14:27] The LORD overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the...(A) wilderness, (B) sea, (C) mountains. 

31. [Ex. 15:25] There He made for them a statute and regulation, and there He...(A) tested them, (B) forgave them, (C) punished them. 

32. [Ex. 32:16] The writing was God's writing, engraved on...(A) the tablets, (B) their hearts, (C) the scrolls. 

33. [Ex. 29:9] Aaron and his sons...they shall have the...(A) priesthood, (B) rulership, (C) kingdom. 

34. [Num. 14:24] Caleb...had a different spirit and has followed...(A) the devil, (B) Me fully, (C) Nadab. 

35. [Num. 32:23] Be sure your sin will...(A) be forgiven, (B) go unpunished, (C) find you out. 

36. [Josh. 1:8] This book of the law...you shall meditate on it...(A) day and night, (B) once a week, (C) yearly. 

37. [Josh. 24:15] Me and my house we will serve the...(A) LORD, (B) gods...your fathers served, (C) gods in whose land you are living. 

38. [Judges 2:16] Then the LORD raised up...(A) Pharaoh, (B) Moses, (C) judges. 

39. [1 Sam. 15:23] Insubordination is...(A) permissible, (B) as witchcraft and idolatry, (C) not serious. 

40. [1 Sam. 13:14] The LORD has sought out a man after...(A) power, (B) His own heart, (C) money. 

41. [1 Sam. 17:45] I come to you in the name of...(A) myself, (B) the king, (C) the LORD. 

42. [2 Kings 17:6] The king of Assyria captured Samaria and carried away...(A) Israel, (B) the Amalekites, (C) the Jebusites. 

43. [2 Chron. 36:17] He brought up against them [Jerusalem] the king of the...(A) Chaldeans, (B) Assyrians, (C) Moabites. 

44. [2 Chron. 36:16] They continually...despised His words and scoffed at His...(A) prophets, (B) kings, (C) elders. 

45. [Gen. 22:18] In your seed all...nations...shall be blessed, because you have...(A) a kingdom, (B) riches, (C) obeyed My voice. 

46. [Psalm 16:10] Neither wilt Thou allow Thy Holy One to...(A) go to the Promised Land, (B) have life, (C) undergo decay. 

47. [Isa. 53:3] He was despised and forsaken of...(A) God, (B) men, (C) his parents. 

48. [Mic. 5:2] Bethlehem...from you One will go forth for Me to be...(A) ruler, (B) exiled, (C) witness.

49. [Isa. 7:14] A virgin will be with child and bear...(A) twins, (B) a son, (C) a daughter. 

50. [Isa. 9:6] A son will be given to us, And the government will rest on...(A) the elders, (B) His shoulders, (C) Moses law. 


Discussion Questions

1. What major things happened in the Beginning Age and how long did it last?


2. What major things happened in the Patriarchal Age and how long did it last?


3. What major things happened in the Mosaic Age and how long did it last?



(a) What are the most important NEW thing(s) that you have learned?
(b) What struck/impacted you the MOST?
(c) How will it change your life?

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